Night Through the Dragon's Teeth
The Milky Way Through Delicate Arch
Windswept at Midnight
A Ruin with a View
Milky Way-Mesa Arch
This Old Truck and the Milky Way
Silent City
The Sentinels and the Milky Way
The Milky Way & The Toadstool Patch
Ruin with a View II
Milky Way Rising Over Racetrack Playa
The Mobius Time Portal
Orion & Castle Rock
The Sentinels of Devil's Garden Face The Milky Way
Ancient Light & Sailing Rocks
The Dragon Rises at Night
Mars and the Milky Way Light the Way
The Universe in a Puddle
The Night Rises Above Monument Canyon
The Ancients by an Asteroid's Light
Antelope's Volcano
Mining Cabin with a View
Moonlit Rocks and Mule’s Ears
The Milky Way Over Elephant Arch
A Sentinel in the Night
Sailing Rock Approaching Warp Speed
The Meteor Through Owachomo Bridge
Fremont Shaman and The Milky Way
Antelope's Gateway
Rocks and Stars and the Little Tree that Could
Devil’s Kitchen & the Milky Way V
Talking  to the Stars
Reaching for the Stars
Night Through the Dragon's Breath
Ancient Bristlecone Star Trails
Canyon with a View
Moonlit Night at Cape Royale
An Evening at Lomaki
Moonlit Milky Way Over Horseshoe Bend
Spring Milky Way at Metate Arch
The Milky Way and The Watchman
Lone Tree of the Moonlit Night
Independence Monument and the Milky Way
Orion Rising Above The Castle
Orion and Sirius Descending
The Light of Ancient Dust
Wall Street & The Milky Way
Clinging to the Edge of Night
Ancient Guardians of the Night
Milky Way & Mesa Arch
Coyote Village & The Milky Way
The Young and the Old at Night
Canyon with a View II
The Milky Way Through Delicate Arch
Living on the Edge of the Sky
Ledge with a View
Milky Way Rising Above Mesa Arch
 The center of our Milky Way galaxy shines brightly behind The Three Wisemen formation and a lone Pinyon Pine (Pinus edulis) in Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce Canyon National Park’s main attraction is the amphitheater full of hoodoos and other formations eroded out of the Claron Formation, the deposition of lake sediments about 60 million years ago when the region was much lower in elevation and later uplifted as part of the Colorado Plateau, which is now a landscape of erosion.
The Three Wisemen Watch the Milky Way
Watchman of the Night
The Infinite and the Lone Pinyon
Canyon Skylight
Devil’s Kitchen & the Milky Way IX
Cape Royale in a Sea of Stars
Lodge at the End of the Milky Way
Perseid Nights
The Sentinel in the Night
Midnight at Double Arch
The Last Edge of Night at Dead Horse Point
Quiet Night at Lees Ferry Fort
Big Dipper Above Square Tower House
Monsoon Milky Way at Coyote Village
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